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Windows 7 Loader 2.1.3 By Daz Utorrent |VERIFIED|

Hi, I have written a script that scans all your drives and will look for Windows 7. It will then attempt to repair your activation, set the last used date as the activation date, and change the current date to the date of activation. You will need to install a different Windows Loader version depending on the version of Windows 7 that you have. For 64 bit it is Loader 2.1.3 and for 32 bit version it is Loader 2.1.1. If I can fix your activation, I will make a package for this also. You also need an uninstaller for WAT which is not in this package, I will make one if you want it.

Windows 7 Loader 2.1.3 By Daz Utorrent

This tool is specially developed to solve ww7 activation problems caused by buggy ms detection tool. Just download it (loaders only 13KB) and follow the instruction, it should solve the problem for you. The program is tested in both 32-bit and 64-bit PC and it can prevent you from getting those activation issues again.

Finally, i have found a program that gets rid of the annoying genuine message and now i have a 100% working copy of Windows 7. If there is one thing i can recommend this is it and i think it should be mandatory that people who download Windows 7 be given a Windows 7 key when they buy it. Money shouldnt be wasted on the operating system people know they will only ever use for a few months each year and the operating system when it is purchased should install and work seamlessly. People want the latest in computers and software and if they are going to spend money on something i am at least going to get as much use out of it as possible.

Ok guys, this is very important. while starting Microsoft DaVinci Debugger, you have to click the right mouse button on Windows7 Loader ( and then go: Settings - Advanced Settings..., then scroll down, you will see something like this: "Hide the update. Go to the "do not notify me about updates" setting and check it...Now start Microsoft DaVinci Debugger and it will work...


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