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Henry Yakushev
Henry Yakushev

Computrainer V4 0 Salesperson !!BETTER!!

Hi Ray, superb review as usual- i always check here before purchasing any sports technology! I was just wanting to see if you knew anything about using 3rd party software with the computrainer- in particular sufferfest videos and tacx RLV. I have heard both are possible to play through golden cheetah and someone has also created erg files you can load into computrainer software/ GC to turn the sufferefest videos into erg videos. Any experience/ knowledge about this? Seems like a much cheaper alternative to buying RLV direct from computrainer. Any ideas on this would be great. Best wishes

Computrainer V4 0 Salesperson

I have a powertap and the new Garmin vector pedals. Can I use both of these power meters while doing a 20 minute time trial on the computrainer?. I would like to compare the power output of these power meters to what the computrainer is telling me. Thanks, Bryan

I actually won a computrainer in a raffle. Pretty fantastic except that it does way more than I could ever hope to understand. Do you know of a resource I could use as essentially a computrainer for dummies reference? Thanks!

Hi, Ray. Thanks for your sharing on some many sports gears. I recently bought a computrainer and found the updated version had some different areas from the old version. Do you still continue to use computrainer? Appreciate if you can give some advise on the new version.

Maintenance question. I use a computrainer at a local computrainer studio, and we generally calibrate after warming up the bikes for 10 minutes or so such that all are at the same temperature and warmed up. I have a quarq elsa powermeter on my crank. Generally a calibration factor of 2.7 to 2.8 gets the wattages from the computrainer pretty close to that recorded by my Garmin 910xt or now 920xt (say within 5 to 10%). Acknowledging things like tire pressure, cleanliness of the drive chain, recording power in the crank versus that transferred to the trainer wheel and no doubt several others would result in 10% differences, is there something within the hardware or software or maintenance of the computrainer that would occasionally result in a wider difference in the two power readings? Not so often, but every once in a while, my watch will start showing a power 30 to 40 watts higher than the computrainer, and that is way to high a difference for it to be attributable to such factors noted above. In your hours or training with it, have you experienced this?


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