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Tally 4.5 To 7.2 Migration Tool !!HOT!!

Click on the Migrate Data option. It will show the list of companies stored in 7.2 data. Select the company you want to migrate to. It asks for migration, select yes and now migration of this company has started.

Tally 4.5 To 7.2 Migration Tool

Download Zip:

First, we need to understand that this is not a service offered by Tally Solutions. So due to that, we use third-party software to do this task. Also, you must keep in mind that these tools will not come with any guarantee or support.

Every candidate has their preferences regarding the job field they choose to work. Many job seekers are interested in Tally Jobs, and for it, there will be a need to prepare for tally question answer 2023. So, to prepare well, we have assembled below the list of top 50 tally questions and answers.

Confidential JULY 2010 - SEPT 2011 FICO Consultant for Navajo is a multi- utility company serving the needs of the Navajo station in New Mexico my responsibilities includes preparing blueprint, realization, testing and Go-live support of migration to New General Ledger from classic general ledger.This was done with the help of migration cockpit . Implemented BADIs for account assignment of open items.Prepared comparison reports in the preparation phase. Prepared worklists for migration and performed reconciliation for account assignments.Prepared assessment document including scope of the upgrade, key decisions, preparation, configuration, testing plan, and risk identification and mitigation plan. Made the configuration changes and implemented various SAP Notes and corrections required. Master data set up like vendor master data, Customer master Configuration of Automatic Account determination for Logistics and resolved problems in the P2P process. Made changes to New General Ledger, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Internal Order and Project Systems tables and fields affected through upgrade. Resolved various integration issues between Finance and HR/Payroll module. Configuration of FI global settings, configured company code, created GL accounts, defined posting keys, maintained field status variants and assigned to company code, screen variants for document entry as per business specifications and tested the configuration in various scenarios. Executed test scripts for various business processes related toNew General Ledger, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Controlling, Internal Orders, Project Systems. Configured Profit Center Accounting (PCA), Profitability Analysis (COPA) and Internal Orders (IO). Experience in solving the production issues in Automatic Payment Program (APP), Account Assignment, and interest calculation on open items, foreign currency valuation, regrouping of line items, check management and void reason codes.

Confidential AUG 2009 - JUNE 2010 FI/CO production support consultant for Fast Rite provides fasteners, stampings, fittings and assemblies to various manufactures all around the world. My responsibilities includes Configure chart of accounts, account groups, field status groups, and posting keys, assigned these variants to company codes, created GL Master records, reconciliation accounts for sub-ledgers, document types, number ranges, invoices and payments, tolerance groups, automatic account assignments, GL display (line item layouts, special fields, sort variants, totals variants) and financial statement version Configured areas of AP, House Banks and Automatic Payment program (APP). Involved in optimizing bank details for wire payments, check lots, void reason codes and clearing inter-company vendor/customer open items. Configured customer account groups, tolerance groups, performed credit management, account assignments, defined various payment terms as per the client specific requirements for Accounts Receivables. Identified Vendors and Customers and defined a separate screen layout for them according to the requirement of the client. Made necessary settings for the account assignment model for Recurring and Periodic entries, Bank master data, and House Banks for the payment program. Assigned new scenarios to the leading ledger like Cost center update, Preparations for Consolidation, Profit Center Update and Segmentation. Created integrated asset acquisition and defined account assignment type for Asset Account, Account Assignment Objects for the Depreciation Areas. Made settings for the Dunning procedure and configured the dunning procedure Configured the system to deduct a cash discount for payment of fixed asset invoice automatically and in real time, to the corresponding asset. Configured setting for revaluation of fixed assets, normal depreciation run and posting of asset acquisition. Configured Cost center accounting (CCA), Profit center Accounting (PCA), Internal Orders (IO), and Profitability Analysis (PA). Tested report generation using reporting tools Report Painter and report writer and performed end user training and documented training materials for the users. Confidential, HOUSTON, TX MARCH 2008- JULY 2009 FI Consultant for Champion Technologies a global specialty chemical, my responsibilities includes preparing required documents user training providing the design alternatives, created prototypes of the business individuals of the business process in SAP. Interacted with Client business users for requirements gathering and analysis. Interacted with the business Analysts and end users to get the user requirements and Business process using ASAP methodology. Interacted with Client to Update and Group Customer and Vendor Master Data to define Credit Control Areas and Dunning Areas. Designed and Configured the Vendor Master Data, Vendor Group, Vendor Field Status, Vendor and Customer Master Data and Risk Categories. Redefined and Configured Payment Methods, Payments Terms, House Bank, Bank Accounts for AP, AR - Dunning process, Lockbox, Interest calculation, and Credit Management. Clearing Inter-Company Vendor/Customer open items, Manually Processing Incoming Payments, Running/Editing Dunning proposals, Reconciliation Accounts in the GL and Create functional specifications for Custom Interfaces. Configured Outgoing Payments, Open Item Clearing in Accounts Payable, and Cost Center Accounting Master data, Planning and Cost allocations in Cost Center Accounting. Configured the Automatic Payment Program for AP including Partial Payment Configuration, Check Management and Check Printing. Configured One-time Vendors/Customers with Separate Screen Layouts. Customer credit control areas and pre-defined credit limits for customers, maintained Risk categories and credit monitoring groups, discount overviews. Documented End User Manuals and Training Material. Confidential, Warrendale, PA AUG 2007- FEB 2008 FI Consultant for Talisman Energy USA is helping reduce America's dependence on foreign energy. Advanced seismic exploration capabilities help us successfully locate deposits of natural gas. Studied the business process and user requirements. Configured G/L Master records, document number ranges, posting period variants, reversal of documents, opening and closing of posting periods, field status variants, document types, posting keys. Configured Vendor and Customer Master Records, tolerance limits for over payments and under payments, Payment terms, and Payment methods. Performed Month end closing, maintenance of GR/IR accounts. Updated functional specifications to develop business requirements involving various FICO SAP enhancementsaltered chart of accounts in accordance with the requirements. Configured Posting Periods, new tolerance groups, account groups and field status variants for new company codes within the company. Configured Recurring Entries, hold & park and sample documents, training end users. (AP) Creation of one time vendors, new payment terms on clients request, discounts, interests calculation and materials creation. Updating functional specifications with respect to client requirement Creation of Check lots. Automatic Payment Program, Dunning notices. Configured withholding taxes, defined WHT codes, WHT groups, maintained Tax structures and percentages for jurisdictions and for different periods).

We provide you with Timely Enhanced Services Related to any Tally issues and online Telephonic, E - mail is given Totally free to our Valued Customer. On site services for Tally are also available at nominal Charges. We provide you Total Product related Functional and Technical Support. These support like understanding the workability, application of any Tally function, , Data Corruption, Pass Word Recovery , Data Conversion from Older Version to New Version (e.g. 4.5 to 5.4/6.3, 5.4 to 6.3), Installation, Networking, Services also available for Tally dss 4.5, Tally eis 5.4, Tally ees 6.3., upgrading your releases etc.

Order Export Import Plugin for WooCommerce is a perfect tool for migrating order data seamlessly from one WooCommerce store to another while allowing you to maintain your order history including subscription orders (available in premium). Using the WooCommerce order export plugin you can also migrate (export orders and import orders) an existing shop on a different eCommerce platform to WooCommerce.

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The IBM i operating system uses SQL to create database objects, and ILE RPG programs can incorporate SQL statements to access and update data. The IBM i database principles correspond to SQL standards, but they predate SQL. Consequently, the system also uses an alternative tool, Data Description Specifications (DDS), to define and create database objects. Additionally, IBM i employs DDS to create device files, which SQL does not address.


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