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Avalon Heroes _BEST_

The S-Tier includes the most powerful heroes in King of Avalon. Whether you are playing in PvE or PvP modes, these are the heroes you want to prioritize when creating your squad. They have exceptional damage output and survivability, making them invaluable in battle. At the top of the list, we have The Red Knight, which is overall the best hero in King of Avalon due to his powerful skills and his ability to lead both, Cavalry and Bowmen.

Avalon Heroes

The A-tier heroes of King of Avalon are a strong step below the S-tier but still boast impressive damage output and survivability. These heroes make a good choice for any type of engagement, whether it be in PvE monster fights, PvP battles, or rallies.

In the B-tier, we have included a variety of legendary heroes with good damage output but who are more specialized in gathering resources and fighting Barbarian Camps. These heroes are ideal for players who prioritize city development and resource gathering, as they have the capacity to do both with great efficiency.

These heroes are the least effective in King of Avalon, and should only be used if you have no other option or you are a beginner to King of Avalon and need to build a basic squad. All these heroes are Epic, meaning their Star level and number of skills are much lower than Legendary heroes included in higher tiers, and they deal significantly less damage.

As in most medieval mobile games, the King of Avalon heroes come in three different types of Rarity, which can be identified by their colors: blue (Rare), purple (Epic), and orange (Legendary). Rare heroes are the weakest, while Legendary heroes have the highest stats and are best suited to progressing in the game.

Heroes of each Rarity have different levels of power, star levels, and active skills. For example, Rare heroes can reach up to level 40 with 4 stars and 4 Appointed Skills, while Epic heroes can get up to level 50, with 5 stars, and 5 Appointed Skills. Legendary heroes, on the other hand, can be upgraded up to level 60 with 6 stars and 6 Appointed Skills.

Obviously, the higher the level of your heroes in King of Avalon, the stronger they will become. As each hero can reach a maximum of level 60, with every increase in the level of each hero, the stats will be improved as well. Moreover, it is also noteworthy that the level of the hero also affects the number of Appointed Skills that can be unlocked.

The Resonance bonus effect becomes active only when you have two heroes with the same Resonance type in your squad. It applies to heroes garrisoned to the Wall Defense, attacking Barbarians, and doing Path of Legend Chapters.

Individual heroes could be unlocked and persistently progressed by playing with them in one of many game modes including single-player campaigns, lane-pushing on various maps, and co-operative dungeon crawling.

The game features two different factions, the first being Aeonia, a typical swords and sorcery sort of group based quite a bit on traditional European fantasy. The second faction is Oriens, which is based more on Oriental fantasy. Players create a 'kin', a sort of heroes guild that allies itself with one faction or the other, using the heroes specific to that faction, though they can always switch to the other side in between games. Each game a player picks one hero from the ones available to your kin.

Individual games range from Battle mode, where two teams fight to destroy the other's base; Adventure Mode, a cooperative mode where players from both factions band together to take down a computer-controlled dungeon and boss; and Scenario Mode, a single-player adventure that tells the story of the world, allowing one to also unlock new heroes.

Like other similar mobile games in this genre, King of Avalon has some gacha elements. These come in the form of heroes; powerful warriors who can take command of your armies. Each hero has their own special stats and skills making for excellent additions to any force you deploy. However, summoning comes at a price; silver and gold summoning horns.

Much like heroes, your dragon requires its own EXP to grow in strength. Aside from increasing the stats of your army overall, its level increases its innate skill as well. This skill is something you cannot improve with Dragon Skill EXP.

Additionally, if your two heroes have a matching Resonance (just like in our screenshot), you may be able to increase your chances at winning because of a special passive ability. Getting two heroes with a matching Resonance may be difficult since summoning is done purely by chance, but trust us that it really makes all the difference once you make it happen.


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